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Darts Scoreboard Znappy


It is a simple, easy and advanced application that helps you to keep the score in your darts games. Download now for free. A must have app, for every darter. Now you can challenge your friends in your darts championship, win tournaments, collect trophies and complete your achievements.Features:1. Download the application and you have access to several types of games: normal darts - 101 301 501 701 801 901 1001 or cricket.2. Finish the game immediately with the closing tips shown to you. To finish the game easier you have the possibility of single mode.3. You can play alone or you can add as many players as you want and the app will keep track during the game.4. You find the top players and statistics on each one.5. Always a handy accessory. You can read the latest events from the world in the news menu.6. You have the possibility to correct a turn using the undo button from the help menu.7. Customized notifications with sound and vibration.